Aviator 2G T-Bar

Are You Ready for the Third-Wave Coffee Experience?

Hop on board the Aviator by B.F.C. Srl and let us take you there. Take total control of your espresso coffee brewing experience by piloting the advanced, yet easy to maneuver features the Aviator offers.

Aviator T-Bar

With Aviator T-Bar, pressure regulation has never been so simple. Via the special lever the barista is able to regulate in real time the operating pressure at any time of the day, even during dispensing of the coffee itself, to ensure perfect extraction for each espresso and for each blend.

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Aviator 2G T-Bar

Aviator 2G T-Bar Specs

Model Styles:
Aviator T-Bar Lever
Pressure Profile:

50 AMP (TCI)

Boiler Size:

11 LT (TCI)

0.8 LT TCI Boiler per Group

Steam Wands:
Steam Valve Style:
Pump Type:
Rotary Vane
Hot Water Dispenser:
Water Level Display:
Barista Light Kit:
Side Panel Light Kit:
Certified NSF/UL:


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    aviator 2 & 3gr diagram

    T.C.I. – Independent Temperature Control

    Thanks to the new T.C.I. technology standard on every Aviator, the brewing temperature for each group can be independently managed with maximum precision. The easy to use touch-screen controls allow for real time temperature management while an innovative water pre-heating circuit guarantees excellent thermal stability, even in intense working conditions.

    P.P.I. – Independent Pressure Profile

    Thanks to our new optional pressure control system, five different pressure profiles can be programmed for each group, allowing perfect and precise espresso coffee extraction into the cup. Our motto is “simplicity and intuition”. Thanks to brand new touch-screen display technology, it’s easy to manage the pressure you want, for as long as you want, in real time. Operators can personalize the pressure curve and get the best out of the coffee mix used.

    Hot Water Tap

    Another great feature that comes standard on the models with T.C.I. is a hot water tap is that fed with fresh water from another heat exchanger in the main boiler. The tap is equipped with a mixing valve so that the barista can regulate the temperature of water.

    Traditional Boiler

    The Aviator is also available in traditional heater exchanger single boiler 1G, 2G, 3G models, although these traditional models are not yet NSF/UL certified.

    Contact us for certification details if you are interested in volume purchases of the Aviator with the T-Bar option or in the traditional boiler design.