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About Royal Falcon Enterprises

Royal Falcon Enterprises & Grimac Royal Falcon Corp. – Keeping a Family Tradition Alive

Marcantonio C. Marano is the second generation to own and operate Royal Falcon Enterprises and Grimac Royal Falcon Corp. after the passing of his father, Anthony C. Marano-Ducarne, in September of 2016. Marcantonio recalls how his father always spoke of the coffee industry with passion and romance. In 1994, Anthony fulfilled a lifelong goal to return to the coffee industry which his family had been in for generations prior to WWII, when they were growers of coffee and other crops in East Africa. Marcantonio is proud to continue to carry on that goal.

Anthony C. Marano-Ducarne
Anthony C. Marano-Ducarne
don Sebastiano Caracciolo di Marano in Africa c1930s
don Sebastiano Caracciolo di Marano in Africa - c1930s

In 1995, a year after the company entered the specialty coffee industry, Marcantonio joined his father and quickly learned the business. He instinctively displayed a talent in the purchasing and distribution of espresso coffee machines and spare parts. He enjoyed that his company was offering high-quality products at affordable prices to the small companies that were emerging onto the market (something he is still proud of today).

Marcantonio C. Marano
Marcantonio C. Marano

With his growing knowledge of spare parts and his daily interaction with experts in the service industry, Marcantonio soon developed a thorough understanding for how different espresso coffee machines are manufactured. He recognized how a manufacturer’s choice of parts and components, and the way in which those items are placed within a machine, can impact a machine’s performance and ease of repair and maintenance. Marcantonio realized that not all machines are manufactured with the same level of quality and form.

So, when the dynamic new company B.F.C. Srl began manufacturing espresso coffee machines in 1998, Marcantonio was excited at the opportunity for Royal Falcon Enterprises to become their official USA importer and wholesale distributor. He recognized that B.F.C. Srl shared his and his father’s vision for the highest standard of quality and design in the manufacturing of espresso coffee machines.

Today, it is Marcantonio’s mission for Royal Falcon Enterprises to promote and distribute the B.F.C. Srl brand of professional espresso coffee machines in the USA, and to continue to supply the specialty coffee industry with high quality spare parts and accessories for espresso coffee machines and grinders.