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Royal Falcon Newsletter #1

Written by Anthony C. Marano-Ducarne

Welcome to the Inaugural Newsletter for Royal Falcon Enterprises / Grimac Royal Falcon

We would like to thank you for your past patronage. We hope this newsletter will help us to serve you in future. We look forward to providing you with useful information about our outstanding line of espresso coffee machines, coffee, spare parts, grinders and accessories.

Who Is Royal Falcon Enterprises?

You may be familiar with Grimac Royal Falcon Corp. (GRFC), the name that we have operated under since 1994. Soon you will begin to see greater use of our Royal Falcon Enterprises (RFE) name and logo. If you have visited our web site you have already seen the Royal Falcon Enterprises branding across the top. It can also be found on our downloadable Spare Parts Catalog. The Royal Falcon Enterprises branding helps to better identify the full array of industry products that we bring to you.

What We Offer

We are very proud to be the official USA importer and wholesale distributor of BFC Srl espresso coffee machines , manufactured with the highest standard of quality.

We continue to make available to the SERVICE INDUSTRY the most extensive inventory of Spare Parts for all brands of espresso coffee machines and grinders sold in the USA.

We invite you to visit to explore all of our products.

A Bit of RFE History

Royal Falcon Enterprises (RFE) was incorporated in 1973 for the purpose of exporting commodities such as rice, appliances, cement, and even beer to customers met during business travels overseas that requested goods that were produced in the USA. The company never went too far beyond those types of transactions except for some imports of jewelry and components for semi precious jewelry, such as bangle bracelets, jade and sandalwood carvings, opals, turquoise, silver rings, Venetian beads etc. from places like: Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Ceylon, South Africa, Mexico, Ecuador, etc.

Enter the Coffee Trade

In 1994, when we started to import espresso coffee with coffee machines and spare parts from Italy, the owner of the Italian espresso machine company that we would represent in the USA asked if we would add his company name to ours. Realizing how important it was to him to have his name in the USA we went a step further and told him that we would put his name in front of our company name, that idea made him very happy and thus was born a new corporation called Grimac Royal Falcon Corp. We are very proud of our GRFC history and the GRFC name will continue to be a part of our activity. To learn more about our rich history, please visit our About Us page.

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